Point Reyes (12/9/07)

Headed out to Point Reyes for my first photo trip there.

My plan was to visit Sculptured Beach, witch I successfully went to :)

The walk from Limantuar Beach was longer then I expected, the NPS website said 2 miles, but it was a little more considering its 2 miles to the first part, then another mile to the end of it witch goes to Arch Rock.

This is a beautiful place and I will definatley be back to take some more photos, there is a lot of potential in this one spot to photograph the cool rock features as well as the tall orange cliffside walls and the breaking waters.

The only thing not going for me on Sunday was the breaking waters, the tide was going out when I got there (and it was way too bright) and at its lowest just after sunset, so the water was not working with me.

The light was great and lasted for a good while considering. There were very few people out witch was good. The good thing about the low tide was it did offer me some oppertounities to photo some of the lower stuff witch I did, but the tide was not moving as much as I'd like and stayed pretty low. Hopefully next time I can get the timing better so I can use more of the water for effect :)

peace out until next time,